Volume Calculation in between 2 topography (say with a rectangular boundary)

Dear all,

May I ask is there any way to form a solid which in between 2 separate topography by setting up a boundary area? Then the volume can be obtained as the following picture?
Thank you.

Hi William,

You’re probably best splitting the rectangle you want in Revit itself for each topography layer so that it’s quicker to compute in dynamo.

You can use the method I posted to your other query to find the volume of each topography and then use simple subtraction to determine the volume of alluvium layer.

(Other post: Volume Calculation for topography solid by layer - #2 by Andy_Grout)

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Hi @William.Lau,

Are you open to using Civil 3D? This is a common task that is quite simple in Civil 3D and can be automated with Dynamo for Civil 3D.

Dear @mzjensen, I am using Revit for volume calculation. Thank you for your advice, I think I will try to learn Civil 3D later :wink:

Maybe this program could work !
The limits of the program : the two toposurfaces shouldn’t intersect.
The first toposurface you select shoud be above the second.
The two toposurfaces should have exactly the same boundary.
Tell me if that’s useful for you :wink:
Maybe someone could improve this program to be able to calculate the volume between two toposurfaces that intersect and to separate cut-and-fill volume, maybe Vikram ?! :wink:
I have posted another post with this in mind.

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Dear hauvillec, thank you for your reply. I have tried the script and I don’t understand the final part. Sorry for my lack of knowledge … I cannot find the “Sols” in categories, and ess’s meaning…And, what is the output in “Directshape.byGeometry”? thank you.
Again, I am really appreciated your answer.

Hi William !
You can choose the category you want. My Revit is in French so I have “Sols”. I guess you can choose “Soils” if your Revit is in English or any other category. DirectShape.by geometry enables you to import the generated volume in Revit to visualize it.
“Ess” is an arbitrary name I choose for this volume (you can put anything you want but it has to be a string…in your case you have to write “alluvium”). I hope it’s clearer for you ?!

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Hi hauvillec,
Thank you so much!