Topography, A Pond

HI all, reading through a lot of the posts in the forum to date, and I’m not sure that this has been answered / updated ?

I know Topography seems to be a unique kinda element and behaves differently.

I am looking to split this up to calculate volumes at the different levels signified by the Coloured Lines

The Orange Line is at Zero Level

The Green Line is at + 400mm

The First Blue Line is at + 900mm

The Second Blue Line is at Plus 1300mm

So basically I am looking to create a slice of topography between Orange and Green ( Gravel Zone ) 400mm thick, and also a slice between Green and the first Blue Line ( Water Zone ) 500mm thick.



Doable ? If you need a Revit File, let me know…













It’s not that complicated.

You can do it in Revit directly using mass tool.

Create ref plane for two levels (Green and Orange). Set the workplane to your ref. planes and create ref. lines by picking the coloured lines and wall edges. Trim to create closed loops.

Select both loops and create a form. Once you finish mass you’ll get the Gross Volume.


You can do it in Dynamo basically following the same process, especially that you already have contours for your lines.

Otherwise, you’d need to convert your Topo to a surface and intersect it with planes to get the contours. Then get the location lines of the walls, trim use that to trim the contours and then join to create a polycurve and use pair of polycurves at given levels to create a solid. And then get the volume of the solid.