Turning grid visibility for linked revit files

can anybody share with me the simple script to turning visibility off for all linked Revit file grids, if it is not too complex

You should read this one…

Hello @E.S.7.9
actually set visibility of categories in linked model is not possible with the Revit API, therefore impossible with Dynamo

A workaround is possible by disabling the visibility of the “Levels and Grids” workset in the linked models.
Try to do a research on the forum in this direction

What I would do before turning to Dynamo, is see if you can talk with your consultant about putting their grids on a specific workset that you in turn make in your own Revit file and have it off by default. Doing so will allow you to control the visibility of that workset in your model.

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Make sure you grids had another typename than the link, then just make a filter, set rule to not contain, and just hide the filter