Views.SetCropBoxByCurves saying that I have a non-rectangular crop box

Hi, I am trying to crop an elevation view, and I am creating the crop box by using rectangle.bycornerpoints and then exploding that into lines, but when I go to set the crop box, it says that I have a non rectangular crop box despite making it from a rectangle.

Are the curves in the correct plane? I think this error can get triggered if your curves are say perpendicular to the expected shape. They may also require being placed on something like the XY plane…

Yea, I am thinking it is an issue because I am in the YZ plane because it is an elevation view. But I am I am not sure if there are any other nodes I can try that can crop elevations. I have tried a few, and have had no luck so far.

I forgot to turn off the scope box on the view prior to cropping it

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