Set Crop Box to View

Thanks in advance. I’m having issues getting the MEPover View.SetCropBoxCurves to work with a list of views (see snipit). I’m able to get the node to work when passing only one view w/ the associated bounding box elements. What am I missing?

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Are you trying to make them all match that one that has a crop box already applied? If so, use a get item at index #4, then use Longest lacing on the SetCropBox node.

Thanks for the assistance Sean. I’m trying to apply the crop box from the associated plan view to the newly created ceiling plan view (different crop box for each view). There are multiple plan views in the list which contain a crop region which need applied to the corresponding ceiling plan view. I’m able to use get item at index and do exactly what you explained above but I need to the unique crop box from each floor plan to the associated ceiling plan. Is this not working due to feeding empty list items into the SetCropBox node which is causing everything there after to generate a null value?

Damnit…I should’ve just slept on it and tried again with fresh eyes…I got this issue worked out (for now I think anyways). It appears the issue was being caused by my list of views. Once I set the view.getcropboxcurves to use list levels everything is working as desired. This changed caused the “Emply List” items to changed to “Null”…Maybe you can help clarify (but maybe it’s not worth the thought) why this is working but see graph below.