Push Views on Sheets w/o a View Template applied as a count to Excel

Hi All!

Working on trying to Push a count of all views on a sheet, filtering out those with a Template applied, leaving a count of those without for internal auditing purposes. I can get the list of what’s on a sheet, but my logic starts to fall apart in the filtering process. I can push my data to excel no problem (it’s just not the data I want). Any Advice?

Here is what I have so far:

Any advice on how to filter these results correctly is greatly appreciated!

See if this gets you heading in the right direction.

This should do the trick:

Here’s the definition:

2_viewOnSheet.dyn (17.3 KB)

Also, it’s easier to first grab all of the Sheets, and then get all Views from these Sheets. That narrows down a list of your views, which helps speed up your further filters because you are dealing with less items in each list. That’s just good practice, otherwise Dynamo has to put a lot more objects into memory and will slow down over time.


Hi Konrad, Thank you that worked wonders! If I wanted to add an additional filter to remove Legends, would I add this before or after the sheet filter, or does it matter? Apologies if that’s a mundane question, I am far from a power user.

Thank you!


Here’s what I have, It seems to be working, but my count is 2 short, I have 17 Legends, but my count pulls only 15. Am I missing something?

Edit 2: Turns out its not counting the keynote legends, which are schedules. So this works!
Thank you again Konrad!