Views From Elevation Marker

Hi Guys,

Is it possible to create an elevation from an existing elevation marker? Each marker accommodates 4 views with 1 set automatically. I am trying to make active the other views with one script.


Hi Azubike,
Could you drop screenshot of your work?

Yes, its possible.

I second @Kulkul, can you show some work please?

Hey Guys,

Here is an image. I was able to get the views activated thanks to Jeremy from @learningdynamo. However, there is some rotation issue going on. Also Konrad i know you have gone through adding views to sheets but how do I add views to an existing sheet and have Revit create new sheets if the views are more than can fit on the existing sheet?

Should i start that on a different thread?

Thanks Guys.


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Is there a link for the continuation of this topic?
Thank you!

Yes there is but not sure it is any helpful. However, i know how to get it to work but just never continued developing it. You might want to create a new thread for it. If i can get the time to solve it, i will. Otherwise someone else will.


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