Viewport title moves/offsets from Viewport unexpectedly


I have developed a script (test 2) to create sheets and place views into sheets for my company.

The script works and places the views into the sheets with no issues (test 2 viewport title)

The strange problem that I have occurs when I try to combine this script with the previous one that I have done to create views from view templates (test 1).

This also works (creates the views + create the sheets + place views into sheets) but for some reason the viewport title offsets from the normal position with no apparent reason (test 1 viewport title).

I would like to keep the same result as “test 2 viewport title” without the offset viewport title. Any idea how to fix this please?

Thank you in advance.


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As discussed by email also, the API does not have access to viewport title locations I believe (only from a ‘get’ perspective.). Replying here for anyone else’s convenience with similar issues.

Try ‘bottle-necking’ the code between each stage of the process (probably using a combined output list, a passthrough node, and a code block to split the list apart again after), this may get results more similar to the original 3 part scripted workflow.


I am having the same issue, did you manage to sort it out. My script creates views by room, then places them on sheets. If I do it separately then it works fine but when in one script it puts them all far away on the bottom left.

Any help would be appreciated.


Hi @j.wrightPYNCR

I indeed managed to sort it out. In my case, the problem was the scope box parameter. I think that is the reason why the viewport title offset from the viewport (because the crop region is associated to a scope box).

As @GavinCrump sugested, I used a “passthrough” node coming from my “sheets parameters” node and fed it before my “scope box set parameter” and that did the trick.