Filter main view from sheet?

Hi all,
I have 2 floor plans placed in a sheet.Is there any way to select floor plan with larger area occupied in sheet(marked as 1 in beow image) .

I am working on a script to align views in sheets.When multiple views are there in sheet I want to allign only main view ignoring all other small views in sheet.


If it helps (I may be off topic, it’s possible)


Hello j.sunnyT6MVA,

Yes, there is way. With the note “Annotation BoundingBox” you can feed in a viewport and it will return to you the bounding box dimensions (MinPoint and MaxPoint) of it. In order to transform it to lentgh, substract the coordinates ( MaxPoint.Y - MinPoint.Y ) to know its length in the Y-direction and then tell dynamo to pick up the view assciated with the longest “Y-length” of the two

Hope it helps

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