Change Location of all Views for each Sheet

Dear Dynamo team,
I need a bellow task to do:
I have a 108 sheet. Each sheet have 1 Floor Plan View. Each views are located at different location on sheets.
I was trying to prepare script to ask me left top corner of views and then to align all views according to point i selected (for each sheet).
It is totally hard task for me to accomplish so I decided to ask your help.

Thanks in advance.

What have you tried so far?

I understand and appreciate that it’s hard, but the guidelines dictate that you give a little more input here instead of asking the community to solve a problem for you.

Try searching the forum and the web for a start point and assemble something which we can react to. Otherwise the post becomes a ‘do my work for me’ post and likely won’t receive as much attention as you would like.

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Thanks Jacob. There was a lot questions about this task, that is why i decided to explain overall my goal. If someone can help me of course I will be deeply thankfull. I will also examine the helped script an learn how to do this task and improve my skill.


Just type “place views on sheet” in the search field, you should easily find related threads to get started since this topic has been adressed already. Depending on your entry level, you could also need to refer to the Dynamo Dictionary or to the Primer. Lastly, try also Google, I think I have seen this on external blogs also…

Here is a way to get the geometries of the titleblock and viewport placed on it.
Maybe this is a good place to start?