View.SetFilterOverrides "hide" is backwards

The new (1.3) View.SetFilterOVerrides node has an input for “hide”
Maybe I’m reading it wrong, but it seems like it does the opposite
The Tooltip says

This is what my Filters look like with that set to False
This is the result if I pipe in True

Seems backwards to me.
Or, perhaps the Input should be changed to say “Visibility” instead of "hide. "
That way the node would match the way it reads in Revit.

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:point_up: This. When you extract the visibility from a view filter it reports true for checked and false for unchecked. These absolutely need to relate.

The fix is already committed
maybe it will be available in the next Dynamo release.

It’s good that the default has been change to fix the bug, but it would be MUCH better to rename the node’s input to match what Revit calls it.
Why call one “hide” and the other “Visibility” when they mean the opposite?
That’s just ASKING for someone to code it wrong.

Sounds like it was a simple mistake. Good to know a fix is coming. :wink:

Hey, John
Sorry for the DM. I’m trying to find a post you made a few weeks ago. Can’t remember if it was on Twitter, RFO, or the Dynamo forum.
This is what I get for going on vacation. I’ve got a graph that renumbers the Views on a Sheet based on their location.
It works fine, but it uses the corner of the Viewport and our QA guy wants to use the location of the View Title.

I remember you had a post that said you were experimenting with that, but I’m damned if I can find your post again. Thought I had it working, too, but I must have overwritten that version.
If you remember that post could you please send me a new link?
I’d appreciate it (and everything else you’ve done.) Thanks.

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I think you might be referring to this node.

Sorry for resurrecting an old thread, but I’m finally getting around to using 2.0.1 & I’m having the same issue.
Has this fix actually been implemented?
The input still says “Hide”, not “Visible”, and I still have to set Hide to True for the override to work.

Looks like the fix only was merged into the Revit 2017 branch. I’m not sure who is responsible for DynamoRevit now days. Maybe you can help us @Michael_Kirschner2 ?

Glad I asked!

@Minjie_Wang FYI