Turn off visibility of Specific Filter in set of views

Hi there, I had a need to separate out view callouts that don’t need to show up in one set, but need to appear in a second set. I have created a filter to allow me to turn on/off all of these views in Revit.

I’m trying to get dynamo to shut off a specific filter’s visibility, specifically the views tied to a mezzanine. The view types, and the filter contain the string “Mezz” so that is what I’m mainly searching for.

I have a few other filters on views, and I can get dynamo to shut them ALL off. I need to only shut off the visibility of the “Mezz” filter. This is where I’m at in trying to filter down my list of view filters that contain “mezz”.

Any thoughts or new approaches to turn off a specific filter in view(s)?

Thank you.

Well, I figured it out, mostly.
First, it was a dumb mistake on my part, I hadn’t connected my “Overrides” node to the “SetFilterOverrides” node. That made it work.

The part that I can’t get to work is that the views that I’m trying to override the filters for have View Templates assigned to them. Does the “View.SetFilterOverrides” node not go through the view template?

It works if I exclude Filters from the view template, but I’d prefer not to do that.

Hi @bcowles

Did you manage to figure out how to override a filter in a view template?