View List to Excel. Rename. Back to Dynamo. Last part failing on my part

Being a fairly new working with Dynamo I was wondering,
I create a view List
Create a Excel file using Dynamo. Lets say Original.xlsx
Saveas New.xlsx
Read that file in Dynamo
And I go OK at READ NEW VIEW NAMES and SEPERATE NEW VIEW NAMES AND NUMBERS and then I fail to see the solution to the last bit, pushing the new data into the Schedule View name that wil rename the views in the projectbrowser. Now I am stuck with the original names in the list. Is there a equivalent to the nodes Sheet.FromSchedule and Sheet.RenumberRename but then to handle Views form a View List?
I hope you understand what I am trying to do and explane. Sorry for the pour Englisch.

thnx for the HELP

You want to check if the sheet names which are from excel already exist in project and rename them?