View Duplicate then Add Suffix ( Using Data shapes)

Hi ,
I’m Trying to Duplicate and Add suffix with this Script. Seems like I’m doing something wrong with DataShapes Package. If I input Normal text no problem . But I’m getting error with Datashapes. And Can anyone tell me how to set Default Value in the UI.MultipleInputForm.

i think you’re using the UI.MultipleInputForm wrong… it should have input types like:
UI.DropDown etc.

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Hi Thank you for reply. I’m still getting a this error.Rename and Add Suffix.dyn (34.6 KB)

Can you upload the whole graph?

seq[0] is the same as get item at index 0.
it means that there is no index 0 or 1 i think.

@Sujan @Schasfoortyoeri is correct. You can tell from the null in the watch node that something is still not set correctly with the Data-Shapes nodes.

Please provide the graph and/or an image with all result window s shown.

Rename and Add Suffix.dyn (34.6 KB)

@Sujan I get an error opening your file. could you upload a screenshot of your full graph with results pinned?

Suddenly the Exact script has worked now.I was getting Null value from User Inputs previously.

  1. How do I reset UI Input Value?
  2. How do I reset Current Selection Value?
  3. Is it possible to have Number of Views to Duplicate Options with 1,2,3…?
    What could be a Better idea to make Number of views?

Almost anything is possible. To select model elements you could also use DataShapes:

Just add this to the list before UI.MultipleInputForm++

What do you mean with “Is it possible to have Number of Views to Duplicate Options 1,2,3 ?”

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1.Hi, views are not Model Elements so this method does not work!
2. For Example I might need 3-4 Dependent Views most of time. How do I get no. of views to Duplicate Option.
View 1
View 1-Zone 1
View 1- Zone 2
View 1- Zone 3

See if this works with what you are trying to achief:

If you pin the UI.MultipleInputForm++ you can see what index each item has.
i used index 0 and 1 but its dependend of the sequence you put the inputs in.

You could do naming trough an Excel file, its possible to let the user select the file trough the same interface.

Here an example, the naming of the views is in column A of the excel file. the number of duplicated views is counted from the amount of rows in the excel file.

Its all yellow because i didnt select a file, it will run fine :stuck_out_tongue: