Vector Issue: No function called "AngleBetween"

I guess I shouldn’t be too upset or surprised to find errors in my cute little code after upgrading to 1.1. Nothing changed other than the upgrade but now I’m getting the vector error “Warning: No function called AngleBetween on a Autodesk.DesignScript.Geometry.Vector that takes __array,Vector could be found” as per the attached image.

I’m wondering if the command has been changed to “Vector.AngleWithVector”?

According to the wiki page on github it was renamed already in 1.0.0:


  • Geometry Node name changes:

Note: Old files using these nodes will automatically migrate to the new node names. Code Block nodes using these methods will however break and will have to be edited manually to use the new method names.

Vector.AngleBetween(otherVector) is now Vector.AngleWithVector(otherVector)


Hmm… Well I can’t explain the discrepency because I was already using V1.0 but I already live with so many mysterious in life another one won’t kill me. I updated the code block and it seems to have fixed the error. Thanks.