Name 'Vector' is not defined [Dynamo Civi3D]

Good day!
I need to do operations with vectors, for example I need to obtain the Reverse of a vector or the X component, but it turns out that I have this error.

I am trying to use Nodes in my Script

If I’m not mistaken, it is in the DesignScript library


Thanks for answering kovacsv.

I got this error

I believe you should Unwrap the Vector to be able to use it in the API. I’ve never used Dynamo in Civil 3d, but this one should be the same as in Revit :slight_smile: check this out: 4.4 Unwrapping Revit Elements - Dynamo Python Primer

If the vc=IN[0] is list(multiple vector items) put line 30 into a for cycle:

for v in vc:

Something like that.
But also, I’m sure there is a reverse node to skip all the python stuff.

It’s a little different :thinking:

It’s just a vector.

I know that Node exists, I want to use it precisely in the Python Script to do more things

It’s a bit different than doing it in Revit, not much info either :frowning:

Okay, then what if:

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woooowwww Thank you so much Kovacsv!!

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