Trying to Learn Design Script - Doesn't seem to be working in 0.8.1?

Forgive me for being incredibly ignorant on this topic, but I wanted to wade into learning design script within Dynamo. I’m looking at the first example from the manual in Geometry basics and I copy the text into a code block and I receive a warning: "Warning: Internal error, please report: Dereferencing a non-pointer. (3f47aacd),"and no point. Huh?

This is what the manual says:

x = 10;
y = 2.5;
z = -6;
p = Point.ByCoordinates(x, y, z);

Has there been a change in the language since this manual was produced? Am I completely stupid and miss something equally stupid? Uh, what gives. Thwarted.DynamoCodeBlockError

You probably have a package installed that also has a point class, like Rhynamo.

Try Autodesk.Designscript.Geometry.Point(x,y,z)

I’m still not getting anywhere. I tried your suggestion, designscript doesn’t seem to be a recognized command. I tried omitting it because the Autodesk portion seemed to be, but I’m still getting strange behavior:


Hello Cody,

You forgot to add the point constructor at the end. Try with “Autodesk.Geometry.Point.ByCoordinates(x,y,z);” instead.

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Thanks, i had the same issue and couldnt understand why it doesnt work. We always need to add “Autodesk.Designscript.Geometry” in the syntax when there are similar coincidences between the packages?

Eureka! Thanks Dimitar! Sorry I didn’t see your reply. The notifications from this site don’t seem to work either!