Varied Points Combinations on multiple Surfaces

Hello, everyone.

I am doing a task which need to produce Points on 3 Surfaces. I distribute them by points separately (i.e. 3 Lists). But what I encountered is that I cant get the cross product point I want, as shown below:

I have searched the topic about sublisting cross product but cant find a suitable solution to me.

Thank you if you could help me.

In that case leave the Lacing at Auto

Thanks for the reply. But seems it is not what I want

Did you try Setting Lacing to longest for Surface.PointAtParameter node?

Tried, unfortunately the result is still the same. “Shortest” 's result is also the same

How many surfaces have you got?

Sorry, seems like I didn’t study your image properly.

I find Design Script a lot more intuitive for such tasks



3 Surfaces. As I would like deal with them at once, thus there are 3 list.

Then @Vikram_Subbaiah solution is the best.

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I will study the Design Script. Will answer u then (as I never used this method before)

Thanks all

It works. Thanks!

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Fantastic. Can this method be used for other cross product usage by changing the words “PointAtParameter”, “u” and “v”?