Surface - Point at parameter on multiple surfaces

Happy new year everyone!

Anybody had some issues with the Surface.PointAtParameter Node with multiple surfaces and different UV?

I have 8 list in the list.Chop node and in both Code Block.

Somehow, I have 512 points but on different corner …

An idea of what it shoud look like :

Any Idea ?

What is your expected output?

@BenBimlogic you need to use zeros and ones only to get the corners:


Hi @Elie.Trad,

Thank you for your answer but this isn’t what I want unfortunately.

The context is that I have surfaces bind with U and V list (example : Surface Index 0 = List0 U and List0 V, Surface index1 = List1 U and List1 V)

I finally brainstorm a Python Script that do the job with my coworker :

import clr
from Autodesk.DesignScript.Geometry import *

PleaseWork = []

Surfaces_ = IN[0]

Us_ = IN[1]

Vs_ = IN[2]

for i in range(len(Us_)):
	for j in range(len(Us_[i])):
		for l in range(len(Vs_[i])):

OUT = PleaseWork

What it looks like in Dynamo :

Thank you for your help! I can finally close this topic haha :beers:

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Had the same issue. Almost started with a python script myself.
Thank you!

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