Variable Text into codeblock coding

I am trying to input a variable text into a code block code, which you should be able to see within the below image. It works if i hard code the text within the code block but as soon as i try and link it in then it wont work the same.


I am trying to make it easier for the word to be changed without running the risks of someone deleting part of the code and is the reason for me wanting to do this.

Any help will be very useful.
List CHecker code block

Hi Brendan,

If you want to have two variables, you’ll need to specify both in your definition. However from what you’ve posted, it looks like it might be easier to omit the definition all together?


I did think there must be a easier/condensor way to do what i was after.


Can the testword be a input into the codeblock, as this is probably the time it breaks it or seems to break it.


Cheers for your help so far.

You can have as many inputs as you need. The imperative code is still a bit buggy sometimes, especially with the daily builds, but usually something like this works for me:


Yeah that works perfectly, i was going to look at consolidating everything down into smaller easier chunks as it was clunky.


Thanks for your efforts