Code Block as String Input

Dumb question - if using a Code Block as a string input, is there a way to format the text to include special characters such as quotes?
i.e.: some text 1/8"

using “some text 1/8"”; in the code block doesn’t work since it tries to close the input after the first "

Using a String node does work for the " characters, just not sure if it is possible with a Code Block. I’ve looked through the sample file for Code Blocks and the Dictionary and didn’t see anything, but I could just be missing it.

that kind of text should not be a problem. Backslash is, in that case you need to add an extra.

Might not have explained it as well as I thought. In the code block it is expecting a semi-colon after the first ", which in this case is indicating inches, rather than closing the string.

A functional example would be using the Arrowhead Assigner from Rhythm. Several of the arrowhead type names include a size (1/16") and that can’t be in a Code Block as-is.

Something like this?


Never would have guessed that… Thanks! :beers:

Just wanted to include the definition as well. :sunglasses: The backslash \ is something called an escape character.