Variable Curtain Panelling

I am a Rhino/ Grasshopper user transitioning to Revit/Dynamo.
I am trying to produce a variable facade panelling system that will finally work through an attractor point/curve- the image below was modeled in Rhino.

In trying to execute the same system in Revit, I have created a Curtain Panel family which i have then applied to a Generic Mass. The generic mass has 2 checkerboard patterned surfaces, one of which is indented and globally rotated.

I created the single unit family with a parameter - ‘bevelOffset’, which determines the innermost edge.
I am trying to use Dynamo to set individual values to that parameter for every panel; The value of said parameter will be deteremined by a measured distance, but for now I am just using the Z-values of each family instance’s centroid.

Through dynamo I have retrieved the name of the parameter, but Element.SetParameterByName fails.

Any ideas?

BowTieAttractor.dyn (8.6 KB) BowtiePanelOffset.rfa (756 KB) Bowtie-CurtainWall.rfa (664 KB)

Hi, first of all you need to change the parameter “bevelOffset” to an instance parameter since you want it to change per instance. Then maybe something like this?