Curtain Panel Substitution Questions

Hi All,

I’m working on definition that uses a data set (composed of programmatic info, irradiance, daylighting, etc) and substitutes panels in a curtain system based on threshholds drawn from that data. I’ve been working on a test Revit file and have had limited success in doing this. Originally, I created a custom curtain panel family, but there is no way to embed grids into that curtain panel family so placing mullions would be difficult. I am now trying nested curtain wall families (the curtain panels from one curtain wall family are actually another curtain wall family). This allows me to have different settings (grid spacing, infill material, etc) on different panels.

So I have two different approaches I would like help figuring out:

  1. The best way to go about this would be to be able to parametrically alter the settings of the nested curtain wall family (spacing, material, etc). The problem with this is that Dynamo won’t let me write to the spacing parameters (saying they are “Read-only”). Is there a way around this?

  2. The workaround that should work is to use Konrad’s “Change Family Type” node from the Archi-lab/Grimshaw node set and create a set of different pre-made curtain wall types that I switch in or out (the attached screenshot shows this approach working). The problem with this approach is that there is no output from the “Change Family Type” node. How can I alter the Python script to allow the node to output the changed elements (which would allow me to further adjust the altered elements’ parameters).



Curtainwall_ExampleCurtain_wall_test_4Change Family Type

Sorry about the low image quality. Let me see if these work:


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