Vanishing Custom Node?

I spent about 20 hours creating a custom node in Dynamo and it has vanished–


it still shows up on the canvas:













. . . but if I edit the node it is empty:












if I try to run the script, it gives the following error:













. . . anyone have any idea where my code went?

Hello Andrew Salveson,

Sorry for the inconvenience. I need to know below things before I proceed.

  1. I guess, you have selected all the Nodes and then Created Custom Node by putting required information in Custom Node Creation Dialog Right?

  2. Have you tried Undo After creating Custom Node? This should have bring back your entire Graph.



your custom node, if it was saved, would be stored in the %appdata%/roaming/dynamo.7/definitions folder of your os, you can type that path into your windows explorer window and see if you can find the custom node.dyf file. Maybe there was some corruption that happened to the file and it can be salvaged if you post it here. You might also try comparing it to other working custom nodes in that folder to see if anything seems amiss.

Thanks for the reply; I did check the roaming/definitions folder, and there were no definitions: I even used Everything to find every last .dyf on my computer, and the definition simply did not exist.

I don’t know for sure (this was a while ago now, and I just kind of moved on)

Chalk it up to mystery behavior

Same just happened to me. I had a file that I made a custom node. All is gone!! The definitions folder is empty… any suggestions to get anything back?

I had the same problem…I tried to document what I thought was happening in the post below…

hope it helps.

Thanks, I think I found what the problem was… as Andreas Dieckmann seem to explain in the other thread.

I have bootcamp and vmware, luckily I could find an older version of the file. Didnt have to start from scratch luckily!

So I tried to do it again and be twice the carefulguy. So I noticed that I saved the *.dyn file, but didn’t save the *.dyf file (that is inside the *.dyn file).
That is probably what I did wrong the first time because I thought that saving the *.dyn file with the custom node inside would be enough. Not understanding that the *.dyf needed to be saved too.

I’ve got an *.dyf file in the definitions folder now and all seems good now.



This is scary (and hopefully resolved).

Usually I do save the project with the nodes I’ll package as a custom node later in a backup file, rather than overwrite it with the project that has the custom node.