Value Constraints in Generative Design

I have a question on the Study creation screen in Generative Design.
When setting up a Study, I set a constraint and entered a value for minimize.
I created a study with optimize, but the resulting output was less than the value I set in the constraints.
(For example, I set the minimize to 1000 in the constraint, but the output results were 500 or 100)
What can I do to resolve this? Should I increase the input values for population size or generators to increase the number of studies?

Can you provide a screenshot of the settings and the results? Generally I am not a fan of the constraints settings as they limit the pace at which the optimisation occurs. If you want the value as ‘close to 1000 as possible without going under, set the evaluation to penalise any value under 1000 by doubling the amount which you are short by and adding it to 1000.

Something like num < 1000? 2* (1000 - num) + 1000 : num;. Then try and minimise the value in an optimisation study.