Using maths not dynamo functions in Python blocks

Maths is meant to be faster… So i’m trying to do more maths :smiley:

However, I can’t work out what I’ve done wrong here

Black solid angled line is the path (taken from Revit)

Code on left is blue dots.
centrepts = horizontal dotted blue
perimeterpts = curvy dotted blue
Code on left is correct for horizontal path (centre point of a ‘wheel’ and perimeter point going round and round.)

Code on right
centrepts = dotted black lines (this seems correct)
perimeterpoints = red dotted lines… ARRGH. Clearly wrong. This is the latest attempt

Bit of explanation for issues with the 2nd bit of code…
Line 25 - I’m trying to find the angle of the line at any point. So I could use a spline for example. But this gives me a varying angle with a straight line! So this is obviously wrong. If I run this line instead of line 27 the red dots go into a circle.

lines 33 and 34 - well I think this should rotate my curved perimeter point path. But clearly it’s not right.
Can’t seem to work out why!

What am I missing? :confused:

TIL it needed to be in radians…
However that’s manually added on line 29 …
The formulae on line 25-28 doesn’t work as expected :confused: