Sequence - Progression


Hey guys
I have been tryin to so something similar to the image…is it managable whitout scripting?
tnx for anwser


Why not get the point at each sequential distance along the curve, and then make all of the circles at once based on the points? Yes it requires code but it’s a simple codeblock range function. This ought to do the trick, though I’m on my phone so I may have mistyped. Try it out and see what happens.


Radius is the radius of the circle. A is the curve you are making points on.


Tnx for anwser. But problem is that on arc, distance btw potins has to be same as on line part, if i split arc its distance along curve, but i want distance btw points not path on curve.


Hi @Peter_Dragovic

Refer this post:


Ah! I’ll try and have a look when I get home from lunch, and then move onto my other project. Check the post @Kulkul just linked to as well. Good stuff in there too.


Tnx alot @Kulkul and @JacobSmall …will check it out now


It works like a charm…i substitute circle with sphere so i can split “3D” nurbs curve…perfect…tnx


@Peter_Dragovic please mark the post as solved. You’re welcome!


Try Curve.PointsAtChordLengthFromPoint


You always find solution😊…tnx