Using Dynamo to model a town with a shape file


Hi all
I’m having a problem with the Shape.GetAllShapesInAllRecords node. If i try linking a relatively small shapefile i works well. On the other hand, once i load a shapefile with more information i get the same warning mentioned in previous posts.
Is there a solution to this problem?


No problem with this geometry

I get issues when i load this geometries

i already tried changing lacing and Geometry working range definition


Revit is Architectural documentation software at heart. It is NOT CIVIL PLANNING SOFTWARE.

Revit has GREAT difficulty with any geometry more than 2km from Origin. Yes, I know Autodesk tell us we can import plans with origins up to 20 miles (whatever a mile is), but that just a DWG plan with a large offset UCS. It still doesn’t support geometry that far from origin. Geometry approaching 2km from origin is likely to have all sorts of weird random issues.

Trying to model in detail something the size of what you show is going to be very difficult in Revit.

I would suggest breaking your model up into pieces by street block, and link the files rather than try to get all the geometry into one giant file.

It’s likely that these issues are causing your SHP import problems in Dynamo.

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Thanks @Adrian_Esdaile. After several attempts I found out that the issue was related to the coordinate reference system used by the shapefile. Basically, you have to use a new custom projection, which allows you to move the whole thing to somewhere near the origin. This can be done in QGIS. There were minor issues related to the model, but there was no need of breaking the model


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