GIS Shape curve Scaling issue


I am working on site models and having an issue with scale of the curves that my .shape file are generating.

I am merely trying to extrude building footprints with Shape data provided from NYC open data.

The dynamo graph seems to work fine but the curves generated from the .shape file seems to be too small. The scale of geometries are too small so it’s not even detectable on screen.

I’ve tried few things (scaling nodes…) but had no luck.

I will deeply appreciate if anyone can help. I am attaching screenshot of my graph, graph itself, and the shape file I am working with.
You will need to change the dwg to shp.

Union_Square_District_Building_Footprints-.dwg (242.0 KB)


GIS.dyn (11.6 KB)

you’ll need to include the other files that accompany the SHP file (such as SHX & DBF)


HI @Andrew_Hannell ! Please find uploaded zip file. I changed the ext to dwg to upload so you will need to change the ext. to zip.

Thank you for taking a look! (214.3 KB)


The issue seems to be that your shapefile is in a geographic coordinate system (WGS84) which is measured in degrees latitude & longitude. Depending where you are on the earth, a degree of longitude is a different distance. Revit obviously doesn’t understand this.

You need to reproject your shape file into a relevant coordinate system- it will then be in cartesian coordinates (XYZ). Incidentally, QGIS can also extrude the shapes- if that is what you want.
You can do this in an application such as QGIS. Alternatively, I believe the GIS2BIM Dynamo package can do this, although I have not used it myself.

You probably want a coordinate system such as EPSG 3627 (New York Long Island)

Depending on your preference and EPSG chosen (3627 is in metres, 3628 is in feet) will affect how it comes into Revit Dynamo. In my example below, I used 3628- so it is in metres, and would need to be scaled to mm

Hope that makes sense.

If you need further help, please IM me- I am a freelancer and this is how I make a living



Thank you @Andrew_Hannell !

I will take a look into this and IM if needed!