Shp file too distante from origin

Hi, i’m new to dynamo , 3 days i’m working on it, i’m trying to get a map of a small village, i search so many information and i find multiple way to get topography, and i have a shp file that can be transform into a buildings with some nodes, i even did it, but there is a problem: in the Shape.GetAllShapes,get me a error “PolyCurves may be branching” (2 photo ) if i use extra large PlanWork, and the shp disappear, instead when i usa from small to bigger it say to set a PlanWork between 1-1000.000.000(1 photo). when i set like that in dynamo the shp file is near the origin but in revit it’s stil far away.
I don’t know what i have to do i’m starting to cry.

it doesn’t look that awful to me, i see both origin and curves in one view.
Geometry.Translate might be of help

Don’t cry!

Post your files, in the meantime download Dynamaps from the package manager (it appears under the View menu)

You will need to set your Scaling to large…

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Try changing your Working Range under Settings.

Hey guys, i already did it for “Planwork” i intended “work range” sorry for bad translate ahah, and like i say if i set to the large it disappear instead if i put on the smal medium large it say to set largest.
I already check dynamps, it can be usefull for topography, but for the buildings it’s not so much because it is a small village and there aren’t the line of buildings, only few.
I even try to draw myself (two buildings) in osm and when i used dynamps they appear but i can’t be so accurate and i would like to use the .SHP file that i have of the buildings.
or maybe i can put the shp file in osm and than use Dynamaps and extract the surface.
for now i’m using mass but i think i can use even generic wall from revit on this type of buildings.
would be awesome if i use shp files in dynamaps.
this is the result for now i get:

but where i shoudl use translate?
this is a nice result

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It looks great!

Sorry I don’t quite understand what is going wrong for you?

You can post in your original language, as long as you also include a translated version…

If translation is difficult, can you do a sketch for us?

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FYI… Elk package also has useful nodes…

My problem is that in revit when i get all in dynamo working, my position of the 3D is so much distant that i can’t work move it,
( you can see it in the right up corner blue color)
that’s the problem i can’t do nothing on revit with it

As a quick fix, can you turn on Project Base Point in a plan view, zoom extents & move the buildings to your PBP?

I did it and find out a funny thing, i find that i have a first plan that is close to my PBP but i get another plan that is far away from that first and his PBP, andwhen i try to get closer the PBP to the other plan that moves away with him and the distance remain equal.

The blue lines are the Dynamo preview, not the imported geometry… you can turn them off…

Ok thanks i understand a bit more now, but i think he create me a double 3D and get my PC Stuck for out of memory, in the pbp point and in the far away point

Try moving your Project Base Point to a coordinate somewhere in the middle of your floor plan. And then make these coordinates negative and translate everything with these negative Project Base Point coordinates.

hi, sorry i don’t understand, the first part you are talking about moving the PBP in revit ok, but the second part i must create a node?

Well you will need to move all your geometry to the coordinates of the base point. Because your coordinates will be quite high, all your geometry will be translated further away from the project. If you makes these values negative, it will make sure your geometry is put back where it should have been.

Sorry i didn’t have time to try yet, when i put again hands on it i will tell you something new