Using Dynamo to change wall materials layers by excel file


I’m trying to create an code to create walls with material layers that I’had created in excel.
Basically, It was supposed to change the actual layers from my walls by the materials nominated in an excel file.

I’m attaching some images of my excel file and dynamo code here, hopping that someone here has an better idea of how to solve it and want to help me in this task.

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Guys, I came with new ideas and now my code change all the layers of my wall.
The biggest problem that I have to solve now is that all the layers are changed to the same material, the numer 1 of the list 0 of materials.
Anyone have any idea to help me now? I saw inside of the “familytype.setcompoundlayermaterial” that they have a process to make list equal sublistlenghts and thats probably the problem.

It is definitely your list structure. Try this.

Let me know if it works.