Using Dynamo in Electrical systems

I was wondering if you would be able to help me with a problem I am trying to solve in Revit. I am new to dynamo and I want to be able to do this, in order to make my life easier at work. So I work for an electrical engineering consultant firm and we work on electric panel schedules and one line diagrams. Would it be possible to somehow link the electrical panel to the one line diagram? Right now, the one line diagram is just line work so we would need to make that a smart family. But would it be possible to see the changes from the one line diagram to the electric panel schedule using dynamo.



There is another thread title One Line Diagram. Not a whole lot yet, but I just added some of my own experience to that thread.

I am very new at this Revit and Dynamo thing.
I have downloaded One-Line-Stuff-test-Select-Symbols-by-Panel-name but cant seem to make it work.

I was wondering if you could send me a model that it works in so i can attempt to reverse engineer it to make it work on my model?

I would be very grateful.

Thank you in advance.


@Jonathan_MONTOYA, you can use Dynamo to exchange data between different family categories. You could use Detail Item Families for the one line diagram elements. Make sure your parameters are the same parameter type than then parameters in your electrical equipment.