Dynamo for electrical engineers

Hi everyone,

I’ve been looking into Dynamo for a little while and trying to figure out the things that I can do as an electrical engineer.
Here’s a few ideas that I think it’s doable using dynamo.

  1. Placing lighting fixates in a room, if the fixtures are in pattern.
  2. We have mechanical models linked in to our revit file, and we place disconnect switches on the mechanical models. I was thinking maybe we can have revit automatic adjust the position of disconnect switch when the mechanical models are moved.

Let me know what thoughts do you have.


I have another script that I designed to extract the XYZ location of any given item. It was meant to be a tool for the field guys when they place inserts for allthread hangers for example. I used that as a basis of the disconnect placement script that I just wrote.

This script pulls the Mechanical Equipment category from a linked Revit model and then returns the XYZ coordinate location for each item. I use that info to place an electrical disconnect switch using the FamilyInstance.ByPoint node. This at least gets them in place and at the correct elevation, you just have to manually adjust each one into its final location.