One Line Diagram

I’m trying to create a dynamo script that generates one line diagrams for our electrical engineers in the office. What I’m stuck on is trying to get values for the “Supply From” parameter out of the elements. What I’ve been able to do so far is get a list of all the Electrical Equipment elements. Using the Element.Parameters node I was able to get a list of parameters for each element. For whatever reason, however, I cannot seem to get a value for each element for this parameter. I tried using Nate Holland’s Hollandaise node called Element.ContainsParameter but I couldn’t even get the element to acknowledge that it had the “Supply From” parameter. Any help would be greatly appreciated!


Just an update:

I found the node Element.GetParameterValueByName and it was exactly what I needed. I knew there was a node for what I was trying to do! I’ll continue to post as I progress.

Hi Steven,

I’m working on the same stuff, We would like to obtain DB vertical schematics from our Revit model… Could you please show me something about that you have got to do?

thanks in advance

This looks interesting. Would you consider sharing your Python code? Thanks

I am also very interested in this. I have a script that is able to read the panel data that I export to Excel and put that data into parameters of my symbols. For this script to work the appropriate symbols need to already exist in a drafting view and have the correct name in order for the script to reference them correctly. It works and is great. My next step is to build the one line diagram in a blank drafting view. Any sharing would be most appreciated.

Attached are the script, Excel reference and a written procedure of my work on one line diagrams.


One-Line Stuff test-Select Symbols by Panel name

Panel Data-Dynamo

One-Line Diagram Data Import Script Procedure


I realize this is quite an old thread but in case anyone is researching the notion of generating one line drawings from the Revit model I suggest you look as DesignMasterRT, which is a third party tool that does a very good job at this and also solves other Revit electrical issues.

I’m looking into the concept of generating fire alarm risers (or at least giving our designers a better starting point) and came across this. At present I don’t understand how to create text or symbols in a drafting view using Dynamo so if anyone can give me a nudge in the right direction that would be great.