Divide path using Dynamo not working

Hi, i’m trying to divide a curve using dynamo and i can’t understand why it’s not working, can anybody help please ? Sans titre

  1. Flatten your list of curves (looks like you have a nested list of curves)

  2. Set the lacing of Curve.PointAtParameter to cross-product (otherwise you’ll only get 1 point per curve)

(Alternatively - if you only have 1 curve in your list, you can just pass that single item and don’t need to change the lacing)

i tried to do Marcello’s tutorial , Dynamo runs correctly now but i don’t get the result in Revit,

http://therevitcomplex.blogspot.fr/2015/03/is-divided-path-and-repeater-limit-of.html => Marcello’s tutorial

Well, you’re not following it entirely since you have used a different node for obtaining your selection. This node will return a list of elements which will in turn rresult in a list of lists once you use Element.Geometry on it.

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Select Model Element not Select Model Elements