Divided path nodes


I have a divided path in revit with evenly spaced nodes. The path is made of 3 arcs and in revit i have no problem spacing the nodes evenly disregarding the joints of the arcs. However if I try to do the same ting in dynamo with the Curve.DivideByDistance Dynamo treets the separate arcs in the path.

Is there a way to import the nodes of the divided path from revit to dynamo?


You can actually read the points of the divided path straight away with “DividedPath.Points”.


I think we had a lengthy discussion about this some time ago. The problem seems to stem from the unique way Revit treats divided paths based on the curve’s “control points”. If you really want to mimic the spacing, you have a few options. The simplest one is to join the curves into a poly curve and divide that. This seems to have the greatest inaccuracy.



Your second option is to approximate your curves into a Nurbs curve. That will reduce the inaccuracy tenfold:



But if you want your Revit and Dynamo placement to be 99.9% the same, you have to set your divided path from inside Revit to “Segment length” and again approximate the curves with a Nurbs curve:





thanks, you pinted me in the right direction.