Custom Nodes not plotting geometry


I have created a custom node that generates a warren truss geometry, analyses it, and evaluates the results. when I run the custom node it gives me results but it doesn’t plot the truss. However, when I use the same nodes in the custom node in a different file, dynamo and RSA plot the truss shape and provide results. Has anyone come across this before?

Thank you in advance.

@benameram It might be because you didn’t provide any output for the geometry.
Try providing an output for your geometries and check.

Thank you @AmolShah for your help.

What about the geometry in Robot Structural analysis RSA. Because my script generates the geometry in Dynamo and then sends it to RSA for analysis. But I cant see the geometry in RSA. Do I have to provide the output for that too?

@benameram I don’t work with RSA so won’t be able to help you on that!
Please create a new topic and see if someone knows the answer.

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