Using an older package version that is compatible with Revit 2016

I’m currently using Revit 2016 and I think it is causing compatibility issues with the Rhythm package considering it is “Revit 2017+”. I’ve tried to go on the website and manually add an older package to the root directory, but have not had much success. How do I go about adding an older Rhythm package so I can continue using it in my scripts for Revit 2016? Thanks!

Hi @anelson

You can get the old packages by its date and year from online pacakge search. For revit 2016 you might try installing packages which is 6 months back or so.


@anelson - keep in mind that the 6 month date will vary by package, and that some functions may not exist in older packages.

I realize this is an older post, but Rhythm v 2018.3.21 supports Revit 2016+