User input file


I have one more question.
There is a node FilePath at the begin of my script.
My goal is to let the user choose the file when he launches the script.

So I have set this node as input (right click, this is an input).
When the script is launched in Dynamo Player, it asks for the file => ok.
But if I start the script again, it uses the same file.

Is there a way to clean this input at the end of script?


Hi Clement

As described by @jacob.small in this post: Create Material
The Dynamo Player behavior actually makes sense when you think about how it runs under the hood. Each time the player is run it

Opens the graph
Finds the editable inputs
Asks the user to give a value for each input
Runs the graph
Closes it the graph
Once that runs the user is asked if they want to open another graph and start the process over again. Inputs are reset and created elements are maintained as a result

Use a dialog from Data-Shapes :slight_smile: