Use of line breaks in Revit parameters

Hello everyone, I would like to ask a question: How to use Dynamo to implement line breaks in Revit multi line text type parameters? I used the regular line break characters “\ n” and “\ r”, but it didn’t have much effect. If there is any help, I would greatly appreciate it!

this is my Dynamo Program

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Thank you for your reply!!
But I think there’s another issue here: using the string. replace node requires these formatted characters to already exist, but my idea is to write the characters into blank content.
I tried to create a string with a line break from the Code Block using the “String from Object” node, and the creation was successful, but writing it into the parameter still did not have a line break effect. I don’t understand, even though they are all string objects, the performance is completely different.
I heard that there is a special character in Revit that can control all of this??

The string object above can create a line break effect, but not the one below!!

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Excuse me, it turns out that the problem lies here.
I have tried “\ n” and “\ n \ r” before, but I have never tried “\ n\r”

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