String to Multiline Text parameter

I would like to write a string to a Multiline Text parameter in Revit. With simple Element.SetParameterByName i am able to write something. But only the first line… :expressionless:

What I want is to report the worksets name to a Project Info parameter which is a multiline text.

What am I missing? Help Community!?

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Alright… I got it…
I missed a String.Join and a \n - voila…

Hope my post at least can help somebody else…


This works OK (make sure there is a space before the " \n"), but when I try and edit the values via Edit Type the data is one continuous string. I tried " \r" and that doesn’t work at all. Any ideas or is this a ‘feature’ of Revit.


Thank you, it helped me!! :slight_smile:

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If you use “\r\n” you get the import as wanted. Works in Revit 2020


Nice @S.Arnbjerg !
And for info, works in Revit 2019 aswell, just tested it.

I did also add the space before, everything: " \r\n"