Use Dynamo to create 3D Perspectives?

Hello Dynamo/Revit Community,

I have recently been asked of ways in which we can improve the amount of information we give to a client, without adding hours and hours to the overall project time. Instantly, I thought of using Dynamo to automate process that would otherwise take forever to do. Here in-lies my question;

We currently do security consulting, and in doing so, we layout where security cameras will be within the property, and the direction that they will be facing. We are looking to now create views of each camera angle, this way, we can see from the cameras perspective of what that specific camera is looking at…

Traditionally, I would have to go around to each Camera Family in the drawing, and manually create the 3D perspective. After learning ABIT about Dynamo, I believe that with the right knowledge, a Dynamo workspace can be created which will pull information out of all my Camera Families within Revit, and create my 3D perspective views automatically for me.

I have found this article (Security camera 3D view) in which they sort of explain it, but in this example, you need to individually select each camera individually. The ability to have it select all my cameras at create my views all at once would be invaluable!

Information I’d like to see my perspectives pull from my family

  • Camera Label added to created view name (Camera Label is a shared instance parameter I’ve created to label each camera uniquely) - This way I can tell which view goes with which camera.
  • Camera viewing angle (both vertically and horizontally).
  • Camera height as per offset set on family.

Anyone have any luck doing this in a similar capacity (where they were able to get 3D perspectives created automatically using the information of specific family)? If so, any help would be much appreciated.

Thanks in advance for your time in reading,
Hope to hear some answers back soon :slight_smile:

This does not exactly achieve what I was looking for. Looking for a way to set up a 2-point family, select all instances in project of that family, and have it do a 3d perspective from point 1 (the camera) to point 2 (the viewing angle).

If I could get something together like that, I’d be saved in workload big time.

Once I get the above working, here are some things I’d like to continue to add to the file in order to improve it and its workflow:

  1. Automatically name each camera view based off information found in the family
  2. Automatically assign my preferred view template to each camera view created
  3. Automatically create the necessary sheets with the titleblock I wish, and have them populate on those sheets accordingly

then the script would be worth a ton of value on a project to project basis, and would essentially eliminated 90% of the workload associated with this task.

Any help would be much appreciated, I have tried many tutorials but all seem to end up a bust!

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Is there any solution for this?

Can you post what you have so far?

What I actually need is to create 3d views in Navisworks at each door location. So what I’ve been trying for that is to extract the door location and normal/vector direction of each door into Excel and creating an XML file from that which can be imported into Navisworks.

But another workaround for that can be to create 3d views in Revit and at each door location and export NWC format along with those specific views.

The problem to achieve this is the rotation/orientation of the view. I can extract the location for the view, but I need to tell it where to look, which I’m not sure how to do.

This will be done through a vector.
The door itself being the start and the direction you are looking being the “end”

So your problem is to find which way to look based on the door? (Looking towards the exterior or interior?

I need it to look inside the room(Refer the image) 2017-10-30_16-23-28

The viewpoint location(X,Y,Z) is at the tail end of the arrow, while the direction is at the arrowhead.

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You will also need to do a few more things to accomplish that.
1 - Get the room geometry and it’s bounding box
2 - Find the “opposite” corner

I was thinking I could get the bounding box of the door itself, instead of adding other elements into the dynamo script.

In any case, I’m not sure how to get the opposite corner.

How is the Camera’s vector determined with that node? Or do I have to move it after creation?

in which package can i find this node (“Make Perspective 3D View at Element Location”)?

Hi @segvan,
This Node is from the Bakery Package as noted by Luke Johnson in the below link.

Hope this helps

@erfajo ,

I think I need your help :slight_smile:
Where can I download the “Make perspective 3D view at element location” node?

Thank you!