Security camera 3D view

Hello everyone,

I am new user of Dynamo and not sure if it is possible to create such view, therefore, any assistance would be much appreciated.

The idea is to create 3D view from each Camera Location.
I found this script but it is asking to select model element(camera) and target itself. Which is not ideal for my purpose.

The questions is: Is it possible to create 3D views from each camera locations(without selecting each camera separately ) and without selection target too? The target could be any element that will block the view ( for example wall at the end of the corridor) Also the 3D view name should have Mark value of the camera too, code block should take it from the family?

Should I use bounding box instead?

Thank you for any help in advance.

Depending what type of family your camera is- you could convert it to a 2 point adaptive family (one end for the camera, one for the target)

So you would place it by selecting the camera and target end points

Then extract the points from this family and feed it into the PerspectiveView node


You’ll need some way to tell Dynamo where to look. If you have parameters in your family to control rotation about several planes and have them set correctly in the model, then you should be able to use Dynamo to extract the angles and location of the camera, trig to figure out where it is looking and use these to point the camera in the correct location.