Create camera view from a family

I got a suggestion today to see if Dynamo could create a 3D camera view from a placed family instance (in a project) of a security camera?


It would seem this is possible, but I am a little unsure how to start with something a little more complicated.


Suggestions would be most welcome.

It should be doable through the PerspectiveView.ByEyePointAndTarget node.


Here’s what I managed to get, I had to use the isolate element option then manually unhide everything else, because my view got really wacked out if I didn’t. (1st image is my security camera and toilet i’m looking towards, 2nd is graph, 3rd is reveal hidden, 4th is finished) There is of course room for improvement, I will investigate further.







Hi, old topic but still relevant as I had to sort it out recently ! Guessed I could post about it.

Essentially, you can create the vector to set the direction of the view the way you want, it depends on the family. Here we had families attached to faces.
The field of view is managed in the last node with angles.
Packages are mentioned next to the related nodes.

Good luck