Use BIP "Mark" as create view filter rule

I’m trying to use the “Mark” parameter to set up a view filter rule with @Konrad_K_Sobon’s Create View Filter node. The problem I’m running in to is that I can’t feed the built in parameter “ALL_MODEL_MARK”. When searching for the parameter in the directory listing I can find it, but only as a string

However when using the Enum values I’m unable to find the parameter, yet there is a duplicate of “ALL_MODEL_TYPE_MARK”

Am I missing something? Is there a way around this? The filter rule I want to set up will vary by group instance, so Mark is the only parameter I’m able to use without having to ungroup the model.

just use a string. It should work.

Sorry, that’s my point, that it doesn’t work. Because in your function that looks up the built in parameter you’re using the System.Enum.GetValues. That list doesn’t contain “ALL_MODEL_MARK” only 2 instances of “ALL_MODEL_TYPE_MARK”. Therefore feeding it the string “ALL_MODEL_MARK” returns an out of index error

I am not sure what version of Archi-lab you are using, but here’s how it works in Dynamo 1.2 and archi-lab 2016.12.1

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I’m in 1.1 but I should upgrade to 1.2. Will do that now, cheers Konrad.

I’ve updated to 1.2 and am now using the latest archi-lab package. Now there’s a new problem.
All the not filter rules, notequal, notcontain, etc. are returning null. All the equals, contains, etc. rules return the expected result.

I’ve just used your old python script then found the Mark parameter another way and fed the python script the Element ID, bypassing the function looking for the built in parameter. All working for my intended use.