Uppercase text parameters throws warnings on all

This graph works on one selected item, but when you get All Elements of the selected Category it throws ‘No parameter found by that name’ warning.
Is this a lacing issue or something else.

Can someone give me a clue what I might be missing?

Can you post a preview of the list structure for all of the nodes leading into the set parameter node?

I think without seeing the previews, that you are feeding the entire list of elements into the Set parameter node at the end and the the values you are looking at changing are coming from a reduced filtered list.
There is a disparity in the lists being fed into the element input and the parameterName and value input. Make sure they are the same length and they relate to each other.
If you try to filter the All Elements of Category list in the same way as the parameter list, this should solve your errors.

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My gut said that it’s that plus a lacing issue due to inconsistent list levels across the various parts. :slight_smile:

This appears to be exactly what I’ve done. I have a graph now that works… well sortof anyway.
But now I have another issue.
The graph fails to upper case the parameter values if the element(s) in the selected category are part of a model group, If I first select and un-group all of these manually, then graph succeeds.

Is there a way to turn off groups first, then turn them back on after the edit?

That is a bit crazy… See if this helps… (I really hope someone has a better way!)