Multi-category Tag Text to Uppercase?

Hey all,

I’m trying to convert multiple multi-category tag texts to uppercase and I definitely need some help in accomplishing this. I’ve tried using the All.To.Upper. node from Rhythm but it only seems to grab text notes - what I need is for Dynamo to grab all the text from my annotation tags. Any idea how I could accomplish this?

Because a tag is just a representation of a parameter value you’ll need to change the parameter value to uppercase. So that would mean you’ll need the SetParameter node to accomplish this.

I’m kind of stuck here (sorry - major beginner)

. The text that shows up in the tag isn’t available as a parameter so I’m not sure what to plug into the parameterName part of the node. I am also unsure if what I plugged into the element part is correct… Would you mind drawing this out for me? Would be greatly appreciated!

Here’s an example:

You just need to know what parameter is being tagged to be able to change it. In the above case it is “Comments”


It worked! Thank you so much!

Hey everyone,

i tried to do this method to change a shared parameter to uppercase, but it didn’t work!
Help please
Description in revit|690x331

You are not feeding the parameterName port a string. Try putting it between double quotes, like this: "Description"
Also Description is a native Revit parameter, so if you’ve made a shared parameter by that name then you’re bound to get errors with Revit’s native parameter.

I i tried to do the same thing for a Material Tags but it didn’t work, could you help me please

I think you need to get the materials not the tags, and then set te parameter values for “Mark” accordingly.

I have a lot of custom annotation elements with a wide assortment of custom shared parameters. Does anyone know how to sort through an annotation and change all text and multi-text fields to uppercase? Otherwise I would need a custom script for each annotation.