Upload current DWG to Docs/BIM360 in Plans Folder?


Is it possible to upload the current/opened DWG-File to Docs/BIM360 in to the plans Folders with a selection before in to which Cloud-Project?

I’m not a fan of the function “PUSHTODOCS”.
In my opinion it is to complicated to upload the sheets to Docs into the plans folder because there are a lot of manually steps you have to do afterwards.
If you upload the sheets to the porjectfiles folder, everything is fine… but I don’t need them there.

Has no one an idea?
Or isn’t it possible?

From what I can see in the Revit API, no. Probably something you need forge/APS for assuming your model is on BIM360.


@GavinCrump is correct - this would require some Forge/APS work because such API calls are required to access the Plans section of Docs.

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