Initiate new Revit file to BIM 360 Document

Dear all,

Do you have any ideas for Initiate new Revit file to BIM 360 Document?
The Revit API Saveas() method need the modelpath, but I cannot convert ProjectGuid and ModelGuid to Cloudpath. Because, I just have project Guid.
I tried with centralPath = ModelPathUtils.ConvertCloudGUIDsToCloudPath(projectGuid,NewGuid()), but it didn’t work.

Please give me your advice. Thank you in advance.

Not sure this is doable at the moment, but if someone figures it out I know MANY people who’ll be quite happy.

Thank you for reply @JacobSmall .

I haven’t done it yet but I know there’s more to it than that. You need to use BIM 360 API and first register your app. Once that’s done you should be able to do the rest in Dynamo. See here for BIM 360 API documentation:

Better ask this in the Revit API forum.

Thank for your reply @HossZamani. But my question is how to initiate Revit file to BIM 360. I’m not sure but maybe we can save as model to C4R (BIM Team) by CollaborateDB.dll.

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