Download Project File From BIM 360 using dynamo

Hi, All

I want to Download Project File From BIM 360 in my system.

it is possible in dynamo any way??

There are almost certainly better ways… but I’ll bite…

What part of BIIM360? Docs? Design? Cloud worksharing?

BIM 360 Design

So you want to package and share the model via Dynamo? This might be doable via forge, but I am not sure those APIs are doable.

If you just want to save a copy of the file you should be able to do this through the desktop connector. Swap the two file paths show in this post. Things to note this will only download the latest published copy of your file, not the live file. It will also download a zip file containing all of the live file links. It should work though.

Another method would be to get some web coding on and automate a mether to download it directly from the web page or of course as @jacob.small said forge is the best method.

Hi @Steven the python code doesn’t work into Revit 2021 for copy Revit files from desktop connector to local disk on PC, is there others solutions ? Thanks in advance. Cheers